Fraud Alert: The Phu My Hung brand is being counterfeited

Recently, Phu My Hung Development Corporation (Phu My Hung Corporation) was informed that some companies are impersonating the Phu My Hung real estate brand to organize customer care events and offer travel or shopping vouchers to attendees, or to introduce offers to buy real estate products from these companies.

Phu My Hung Company hereby affirms that we do not collaborate or engage with any other real estate companies or transaction offices to conduct any activities related to gratitude, gift giving, or product introductions.

Our customers, residents, and partners please be vigilant to avoid the risks and damages to your rights that may result from acts of impersonating the Phu My Hung real estate brand.

All information about projects, events, and announcements will be directly announced by Phu My Hung and the company’s official marketing team, and will be regularly updated through the official channels of Phu My Hung.

We would like to express our gratitude to our disguished customers, residents, and partners for your trust and companionship during the past period of time.


Phu My Hung Corporation

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